Opposition unlikely to form a grand alliance

 Though the Congress-led opposition parties are meeting tomorrow in New Delhi to consider the possibilities of forming pre-poll alliance, the sources says that they are unlikely to come to a conclusion presently on this issue. As several regional parties are moving ahead in their own states on their own alliances or strategies, ignoring Congress presence, the Congress also seems to be not interested for a pre-poll alliance at national level.

Till now Congress succeeded in finalizing poll alliances only in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Though in principle they agree, number of seats each party to be contested is yet to be finalized in Bihar and Karnataka. In Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisghar both BSP and SP formed their own alliance.

Though TDP and Congress were together in recent Telangana assembly elections, they have decided to go on their own in Andhra Pradesh. AAP, which had earlier showed interested for an alliance with Congress in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana is now moving on its own.

The Congress and some opposition parties are now seems to be keen on a Common Minimum Programme (CMP), even in the absence of a formal pre-poll alliance. Opposition parties are worrying that both BJP and NDA is sure to emerge as a largest party or combination in the Parliament after polls. In the absence of pre-poll alliance, they fear, President is bound to invite only BJP-NDA to form the next government, even they failed to secure magic fiture.

In such a scenario, parties which are  not now with any combination like BJD, TRS and YSRCP may naturally move towards the first one who can form the government. To prevent such an possibility, the are making attempts for CMP, so that they can seek their claim to form the next government on this basis. They feels that the CMP may be presented as a proxy for a pre-poll alliance.

Parties like DMK, NCP, NP and RJD are ready for CMP, Left Front, SP, BSP and TMC are not showing much interest. They are apprehensive about signing a united agenda of governance and then fighting against each other in the summer’s Lok Sabha polls.

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