‘Aviation Conclave 2019’ with theme of “Flying for All”, in New Delhi

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, in association with Airports Authority of India, AAICLAS and Confederation of Indian Industry, are organizing the Aviation Conclave 2019 with an overarching theme of “Flying for All” in New Delhi, today. .

Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Civil Aviation, stated that realizing Government’s vision of making “Flying for All” a reality underpins the government’s commitment to bring about a veritable revolution in the Indian aviation sector. He further reiterated that the ball was set rolling during the hugely successful Global Aviation Summit -2019 which was attended by 85 countries and over 1,300 global aviation fraternity.

The upcoming Aviation Conclave would deliberate upon taking the Government’s agenda to bring new aviation business to India, in particular, drones systems, manufacturing of aircraft in India, financing and leasing of aircraft from India by Indian and foreign airlines, transforming Indian airports into next-gen aviation hubs, and unleashing the air cargo potential by integrating every village of India in global value chains. 

“This Conclave is about the future of Indian aviation – it bringing together industry leaders, government and regulators for setting the tone and propelling us to realize our Vision-2040”, he stated.

Over 30 industry leaders will discuss and deliberate across 5-key sessions covering the Drone-Ecosystem Policy Roadmap, Roadmap for Manufacturing Aircraft and associated equipment, including Regional Transport Aircraft, in India, the Project Rupee Raftaar- Aircraft Financing and Leasing from India, the National Air Cargo Policy, and the Mission to transform Indian Airports into Next-Gen Aviation Hubs. The deliberations would throw up key catalysts to fast track the holistic and broad-based growth of the passenger, cargo and MRO sectors. Over 200 delegates will take part in the discussions.

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