Samjhauta Express: Pakistan suspends Samjhauta Express train service

B-38, ASR-301201 - DECEMBER 30, 2007 - Attari : *FILE* A Samjhauta Express train is seen crosses the border at Attari in this file photo. Rail transport between two nations has been suspended after the assassination of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. PTI Photo

In view of pressures mounted up by Indian government against Pakistan’s sponsored terror groups, the Pakistan today unilaterally suspended Samjhauta Express, that runs between India and Pakistan, reflecting the friendship prevailed between people of two countries.

In the backdrop of escalating tensions between the neighbours, Pakistan has suspended the biweekly train service until further notice, with out giving any communication to Indian government.

Samjhauta Express took off as scheduled last night, but is currently at the customs point at Attari, the last railway station on Indian side, since Pakistan suspended its services at its end. As a result, passengers travelling to Attari arer stranded at the Lahore railway station.
Indian officials said that the situation is being closely monitored and the passengers can be brought back to Wagah by buses and other modes of transportation.
The Samjhauta Express was scheduled to depart from Lahore with 16 passengers. The passengers had embarked on their journey from Karachi but the passengers are stuck at Lahore railway station/

The Samjhauta Express, named after the Hindi word for “agreement”, comprises six sleeper coaches and an AC 3-tier coach. The train service was started on July 22, 1976 under the Shimla Agreement that settled the 1971 war between the two nations.

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