Pakistan admits Masood Azhar is there

Putting to an end to its pretension that they were not aware on whereabouts of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar, finally it admits he is very much present in their country only. This was confirmed by Pakistan and is very unwell, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, but says he is very unwell.

He told in an TV interview that he (Masood Azhar) is in Pakistan. “According to my information, he is very unwell. He’s unwell to the extent that he cannot leave his house because he is really unwell. So, that’s the information I have”, he added.

Though India has been seeking him with related to several terror strikes in the county, including the latest one at Purwala, the Pakistan minister sayd that his country will take action against Azhar if India provides “solid, inalienable evidence” against him.

“If they give us evidence which is acceptable to the courts of Pakistan, after all we will have to justify they will go to the court. If they have solid, inalienable evidence, share it with us so that we can convince the independent judiciary of Pakistan,” he said.

Talking about the decision made by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, where he announced yesterday, that Islamabad will release Indian Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan as a peace gesture, Qureshi said, “This was a goodwill gesture and we feel this should be an expression of Pakistan’s willingness to deescalate. We are willing to hand him over as soon as possible.”

Qureshi thanked US President Donald Trump “for taking an interest to deescalate tensions between the two Asian nations”. “He (US President Trump) can play a significant role. United States can play a significant role. US and Pakistan have had good relations for decades. We have been close allies and today we have a shared objective to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan”, he said.

He further added: “ I have had a telephonic conversation with United States Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo in which we discussed this evolving situation. I am happy that they have taken note of this rising tension and they want to play a constructive role to deescalate. This is a very welcomed development.”

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