Masood Azhar’s brother confirms Balakot camp strike

At a time some international experts and opposition leader sin the country are expressing doubts our last week’s IAF surgical strike on Jaish-e-Mohammed’s terror training cmaps in Balakot of Pakistan, an audio is spreading like viral in news channels, that confirms the attack.

The voice in the audio is nothing but the brother of JeM chief Masood Azhar, Maulana Ammar. He himself confirmed that Indian jets hit the militant training camp run by them in Balakot and inflicted significant damage, one of the clearest contradictions yet to Islamabad’s version that the Indian operation hit only a patch of trees. It was first tweeted out by a Pakistani journalist who lives in France and has been verified by Indian security agencies.

“The enemy announced a war by crossing its borders to enter an Islamic country and launching bombs on Muslim schools. So, raise your weapons and show them if jihad is still an obligation or a duty,” the man is hearing saying in the recording, which officials believe was made two days after the Balakot air strike and played out as an address to militants at the Madrassah Sanan bin Salma in Peshawar.

“Let me remind you that the Indian aircrafts did not bomb the safe house of any agency, they didn’t attack any headquarters, they didn’t attack the meeting points of agencies (JeM), they attacked the schools where students were being trained to understand jihad better and vowed to help “oppressed” Kashmiris. By entering our territories and attacking our schools, India has ensured the beginning of jihad against them,” he added.

Indian security officials are now stating that the address was a “clear confirmation of the effectiveness of the airstrikes”. “The tone and tenor of the message also indicate that the strikes have hit the group hard forcing a senior functionary to issue a message to their cadre,” they added.

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