Only PM Modi is responsible for Rafale’s delay : Rahul

 Congress president Rahul Gandhi today strongly rejected Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s accusations that it was due to oppositions, particularly Congress allegations the arrival of Rafale jet fighters was delayed.

“Dear PM, Have you no shame at all? YOU stole 30,000 Crore and gave it to your friend Anil. YOU are solely responsible for the delay in the arrival of the RAFALE jets,”he said on Twitter. “YOU are WHY brave IAF pilots like Wing Cdr. Abhinandan, are risking their lives flying outdated jets,” he added.

He responded aggressively after PM Modi said the country was feeling the absence of Rafale and results would have been different if India had the fighter jets as he attacked the Congress for its tirade against his government over the aircraft deal.

“India is feeling the absence of Rafale. The entire country is saying in one voice today, that if we had Rafale, the results would have been different. The country has suffered a lot due to selfish interests earlier and now politics over Rafale,” the prime minister said at the India Today conclave.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said the nation witnessed a monologue by a “narcissistic” prime minister san any sense of accountability. He said the prime minister is obsessed with one word– ‘Modi’ — and forgets that India is a thriving democracy of 132 crore people with a multitude of opinions.

He asked when will Modiji take decisive action against Pakistan-sponsored terror? Compromising national security and gross intelligence failure are the characteristic style of a non-functioning Modi government, he added.

In last 56 months, Surjewala reminded that 498 soldiers and officers have been martyred in Jammu and Kashmir alone. In the month of February 2019 alone, he said 55 brave soldiers laid down their lives due to the menace of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. He lamented that the prime minister had blatantly “politicised” the bravery and martyrdom of India’s soldiers as a political pamphlet.


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