Opposition wants to get rid of Modi, I want to get rid of terrorism: Modi

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi today bitterly attacking the opposition attempts to dislodge him in the forthcoming polls, accused that, “the opposition wants to get rid of Modi, I want to get rid of terrorism.”

Addressing NDA’s Sankalpa rally in Patna, he called for unity in the country’s fight against terrorism. Targetting the Opposition for questioning the government over Balakot air strikes, he said, “Rather than encouraging the forces, they’re doing and saying things that are making the enemies smile.” He lamented that the opposition parties had no work left other than to abuse him.

“They want to get rid of Modi, but I say let’s join hands to eliminate terrorism. Shouldn’t terrorism be eradicated?”, he asked. Sharing NDA dais with Bihar Chief Minister Nitsh Kumar, first time after nine years, he accused that the questions being raised by the Congress over the air strikes were only pleasing those in Pakistan.

At a time when the country needed to show that it was standing together against terrorism, he deplored that the opposition had joined hands to condemn the centre’s actions. “When there was a need to speak in unison against terror factories, 21 parties had gathered in Delhi to pass a censure motion against the NDA government at the centre,” he asked.

“You are all witnesses, when our country’s competent army was crushing terror, whether it was from within the border or outside, what were some people within the country doing at such times? Instead of increasing the morale of the armed forces, they were doing things that are pleasing the enemy,” he said.

Praising the armed forces for their valour, he said, “This is a new India with a new policy. Now India will not remain silent on the sacrifices of its heroic youths, it will strike back every single time,” he said.

Earlier, Nitish Kumar praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving the security forces a free hand in dealing with Pakistan-based terror organisations and thanked the Indian Air Force for their action against terrorists. “I congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for forcing Pakistan to release Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman with a short span,” said Nitish Kumar while praising the government’s diplomacy.

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