Industries minister K J George to re-look at the recent tariff hike levied for industrial usage

Bengaluru Mar 5: Honourable minister for heavy and medium industries Sri KJ George chaired a meeting to discuss the cost of water proposed for industrial usage in Karnataka.  The discussion was in context to intensive water usage industries like steel, cement and textile processing expressing concern over recent water tariff hike proposed by water resources department.

With reference to the proposed water tariff a water resources development core sub committee has been set up & the WRD sub committee has proposed a report that would be submitted for the consideration and perusal by water resources Minister & the same report would be submitted to the cabinet for further action.

1. If water is drawn from natural waterways, rivers or streams for industrial use the price suggested by WRD Core committee sub group is Rs. 50,000 per MCFT.

2. If water is drawn from canal, tank reservoir, anicut, bandhara, pond, junta, madagu, talaparige belonging to government or nigam for industrial usage, the price suggested by WRD Core committee sub group is Rs. 1,00,000 per MCFT.

Speaking during the meeting, honorable minister emphasized on the need to create a conducive industrial ecosystem for industries to function effectively and at ease in Karnataka.

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