India faces threat of terrorists through sea-route as well : Naval Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba

Naval Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba today warned that terrorists now may use sea route to enter our country. Stating that terrorism plaguing the region, he said, “We have reports of terrorists being trained to carry out operations in various modus operandi, including through the medium of the sea.”

He recalled that the Indo-pacific region has witnessed multiple forms of terrorism in recent years and a few countries in this part of the world have been spared by this cause. The global nature which terrorism has acquired in recent times has further enhanced the scope of this threat

Addressing India’s problems specifically, Lanba said, “India faces a far more serious version of this State-sponsored terrorism. We have all witnessed the horrific scale of extremists attack on the Indian state of J-K, just three weeks ago.”

Hinting at Pakistan’s covert support to terror outfits, Lanba spoke about the Pulwama terror attack and said, “This violence was perpetuated by extremists, aided by a state which seeks to destabilise India.”

The armed forces had, earlier, during a joint press conference, assured the nation that they were ready for any eventuality. Rear Admiral D S Gujral had said, “The Indian Navy remains poised in all three dimensions; on the surface, under the sea and in the air to deter, prevent and defeat any design of Pakistan in the maritime domain.”

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