Chennai Central railway station to be renamed after MGR: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced that the Centre has decided to rename the Chennai Central Railway Station after late chief minister M G Ramachandran. Addressing his first public rally in Tamil Nadu, after the BJP reached poll alliance with the ruling AIADMK, he said that said the Center has moved positives towards this long-pending demand of the ruling party. “We have decided to rename the Chennai Central Station after the great MGR,” he added.

He also announced that the Center is also seriously thinking about ensuring that flights to and from Tamil Nadu have inflight announcements in Tamil language.

The announcements came at an election rally in Kilambakkam in neighbouring Kancheepuram district, where Modi spoke in the presence of BJP’s allies for the Lok Sabha elections — chief minister Edapaddi Palaniswami, his deputy O Panneerselvam, both from the AIADMK, Ramadoss and PMK’s S Ramadoss and Anbumani Ramadoss, N Rangasamy of AINR Congress, among others.

Modi asserted that BJP was the only party that could fulfil regional aspirations and stated that people of the country are its high command. Hitting out at the Congress and grand alliance, he accused them of being guided by selfish interests and ‘family first’ policy and taking decisions in AC rooms and not in villages of Tamil Nadu.

“Opposition parties are guided by selfish interests. They neither want a strong India, nor a strong armed force,” he said. Modi noted that people of Tamil Nadu will never forget how “one family” insulted former Tamil Nadu chief minister K Kamaraj, a Congress stalwart, several times, as his crime was that he spoke for the people and “challenged the corrupt and dictator-like practices of one family”.

He recalled that “emergency imposer” Congress had dismissed “the democratically elected government of MGR” only because of political differences.  Congress had during its time in power abused Article 356 of the Constitution and the Indira Gandhi government had dismissed 50 regional governments, including the DMK. But for the DMK, he deplored that, opportunism has prevailed over values, referring to the DMK’s alliance with Congress in Tamil Nadu for the Lok Sabha elections.

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