Hardik Patel likely to join Congress on March 12

Congress is now focusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state Gujarat, after succeeding in bringing BJP’s number to below 100-mark in the state assembly during last December polls. The party is targeting various potential leaders from different social background to bring them into the party and even may field them as candidates in some crucial constituencies.

Among such leaders, Patidar leader Hardik Patel is said to be ready to join the Congress party. Even the Congress party offeriong him Lok Sabha seat to contest from Jamnagar constituency in Gujarat, who is considered to be strong hold for BJP.

Patel, who led the agitation demanding reservation for the patidar community in Gujarat was initially showed interest to contest earlier itself. But he was too young and didn’t have a minimum age to contest, resisted from his ambitions.

Congress sources indicated that he will be joining Congress on March 12, in the presence of Congress president Rahul Gandhi. The Jamnagar Lok Sabha seat is currently represented by Poonamben Maadam of BJP.

Patel’s joining will coincide with the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting in Ahmedabad, following which top party leaders will address a public rally there.

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