Ayodhya case for mediation ‘Surprising’, Says RSS

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), today, expressed surprise over the Supreme Court ordered for mediation in the contentious Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case.

“In Ram-janmabhoomi case, instead of accelerating the judicial process to end the long drawn dispute, Supreme Court has taken a surprising stand. That the SC should find no priority for this sensitive subject associated with deep faith of Hindu society is beyond understanding, “the RSS said in a statement at its Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in Gwalior.

It added,”We are experiencing that Hindus are constantly being neglected. While having full respect in the judicial system we would like to say emphatically that the judgement on the dispute must expedite and remove the obstacles in constructing a grand Temple.”

Referring to last September’s historic judgement in Sabarimala case, the RSS asserted,”The Supreme Court, in the Sabarimala case, without taking into consideration all relevant entities and customs, delivered a judgement even without consideration of the different opinion of the lone women member of the bench. It wasn’t binding on state govt to implement decision in any stipulated time frame,but without understanding nuances of Judgment, state govt showed undue haste and political ill-will towards Hindu society by facilitating forcible entry of non-Hindu and non-devotee women in the Temple.”



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