Patriotism is not the monopoly of a single party : Shiva Sena


A day after Election Commission announces poll schedule, BJP’s major allay Shiva Sena today strongly condemned attempts to seek political advantage from the IAF airstrike in Balakot. It asserted that asserted that calling people ‘anti-national’ just because they are political opponents, is equivalent to curbing their freedom of expression.


“Patriotism is not the monopoly of a single party…we wonder when politicians will understand that the action (air strike) was part of duty (of soldiers) and not a task asked to be carried out,” said Sena which has often been at loggerheads with its long-time ally BJP.


Accusing the central government of politicising the airstrike, the Shiv Sena said that it supports the Opposition as using the Indian Armed Forces for electoral gains is an insult to the soldiers and their courage.


“Why act frivolously by wearing soldiers’ uniforms which they have obtained after rigorous training and hard work? It supports the allegations of the Opposition that the BJP is politicising the air strike,” the Uddhav Thackeray-led party said.

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