PM Modi unlikely to contest from Puri

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unlikely to contest from Pure Lok Sabha constituency in Odisha, to give a boost for the BJP campaign to gain power in the assembly elections to be held along with Lok Sabha polls. According to party sources, this time he will confine to Varanasi constituency in Uttar Pradesh only.

As he had contested from two constituencies in 2014 poll, one Vadodara from his home state Gujarat and the second one Varanasi to give boost to the party morale in the largest state of the country, which will have decisive impact on the new Lok Sabha with its 80 MP seats. After the polls, he retained his Varanasi seat only.

Already, the BJP has given indication that Modi will be seeking re-election from Varanasi this time too. Earlier, on January 1, in an interview with a news agency, he not confirmed or denied whether he would contest from Puri. BJP sources believed to be fearing to contest from Puri, as that would put PM Modi in risk.

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