Your vote is a weapon, use it wisely: Priyanka Gandhi

“Your awareness is a weapon, your vote is a weapon… Only you can protect the country”, said Priyanka Gandhi, the Congress leader, who recently joined active politics as AICC general secretary in charge of Uttar Pradesh East, said. But this weapon, she added, is not used to harm anyone.

Launching her first ever political rally with a stinging attack on the ruling national coalition led by BJP and a concerted effort to steer the public debate ahead of the Lok Sabha elections to bread and butter issues, she said “I want to speak from my heart. There is no bigger patriotism than to be an aware citizen

This election, she told a gathering at the anniversary of the Dandi March in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat, is in no way less than the struggle for Independence.

In her maiden speech ahead of the general elections, Priyanka accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of attempting to divide the people and playing with their emotions for political gains. She also urged the people to raise important issues plaguing the country and said that one has to think what one wants this election season.

Priyanka said, “You will have to think what exactly this election is. What are you going to choose in this election? You are going to choose your future. Useless issues should not be raised. Issues which should be raised must comprise what is most important for you and how you can move forward. How will youth get jobs, how will women feel safe, what will be done for farmers. These are the issues for elections.”

She alleged that PM Modi was destroying the top government institutions of the country and said, “Wherever you see, hatred is being spread. Nothing matters more to us that you and I protect this nation, work for it and move forward together.”

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