Congress national spokesperson Tom Vaddakkan joins BJP

Even as Rahul Gandhi is campaigning in Kerala ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, in a surprising move Congress national spokesperson Tom Vadakkan, who hails from Krala, switched over to the BJP camp in the national capital.

He joined BJP, criticising Congress stand on the Balakot air strike against terror camps and also accusing the Congress of questioning the integrity of armed forces.

He also slammed the Congress for its “dyansty politics”, alleging the party has a culture of “use and throw”. Vadakkan, who was a key aide of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, has never contested an election.

“If some political party that takes a position against the country, then I do not have an option but to leave that party… This is not right,” he said. “I left Congress party because when Pakistani terrorists attacked our land, my party’s reaction to it was sad… It hurt me deeply when you question the integrity of the armed forces…. I am deeply hurt and that is precisely the reason I am here,” Vadakkan added.

He has been associating with AICC media department since over two decades. Stating that he believes in the Prime Minister’s development, he he was grateful to BJP president Amit Shah “who has trusted me and accepted my membership to the party”. “I am also thankful to the Prime Minister who has wished me good luck,” he said.

The Congress leader is lately reported to have been interested in contesting elections. Back in 2014, Vadakkan did make it to the shortlist of candidates from Thrissur, but the Congress had to drop him after resistance from local workers.

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