Rahul Gandhi promises separate ministry for fishermen if Cong voted to power

Congress president Rahul Gandhi, today, promised to set up a separate ministry for fishermen, if the Congress is voted to power in the Lok Sabha elections, saying unlike Prime Minister Narendra Modi he did not make “fake promises”.

Addressing the National Fishermen Parliament organised by All India Fishermen Congress in Thriprayar, Thrissur, he said “My commitment to you is that the moment we win the 2019 elections, all the fishermen of the country will get their own dedicated ministry in Delhi.”

Assuring the fishermen that he would fulfil the promise if the Congress wins, the Congress chief said, “I am not like Narendra Modi. I don’t make fake promises.” “Please look at my speeches. When I say something, I only say it because I have decided to do it,” he said.

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