‘Modi hai to Mumkin Hai’ BJP’s poll slogan

“Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai” (Modi makes it possible) will be BJP’s slogan for the ensuing Lok Sabha election on the back of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image as a doer.

In a Facebook post, BJP’s campaign committee chief and also union finance minister Arun Jaitley said that Modi has demonstrated his indefatigability by working round the clock over the past five years, achieving results that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible.

Modi has proved to be a quick learner, adapting easily to foreign policy, economic and strategic issues, Jaitley said in the Facebook post. The Prime Minister’s clarity and determination have facilitated quick decisions making even in complicated matters, he added.

“Many India observers across the world have marvelled at India’s pace of taking decisions and implementing them. The BJP, therefore, has chosen an effective slogan for the forthcoming elections “Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai” – ‘Modi makes it possible’,”  he said.

However, the Congress has targeted the PM over the slogan. “The government lies and misleads the Supreme Court — Modi hai to mumkin hai. The PM and his minister hide their degrees — Modi hai to mumkin hai. Economic data is kept away from public — Modi hai to mumkin hai. There are 8 crore unemployed Indians because Modi hai to mumkin hai.

Farmers are in distress because Modi hai to mumkin hai. ISI inspects our defence installations because Modi is there. The list is endless. However, this is typical RSS game. Focus the entire campaign on Modi and establish him as the alibi in the sure-shot wipeout that the BJP will face on May 23,” Congress spokesperson Pranav Jha said.

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