MP University set up probe against BJP MP Rakesh Sinha

A univeristy in the Madhya Pradesh has set up a probe panel into irregularities committed by RSS-backed BJP’s nominated Rajya Sabha member and familiar figure on TV channels Rakesh Sinha.

For six months, it was alleged that he didn’t visit campus or engage a class. But he wrote a book in which he classified newspapers like HT and The Telegraph as anti-Hindutva. A committee is looking into charges.

The prominent RSS ideologue, the ‘good Professor’, to borrow a phrase used often by BJP leaders, allegedly imbibed the ‘Congress culture’ when he accepted appointment as Assistant Professor of the Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication at its Noida campus.

But then he did not bother to visit the campus even once or, for that matter, engage any class. That is the complaint received by the present Vice Chancellor of the university, Deepak Tiwari. “Yes, I have been informed that he was on deputation and we are enquiring into the details of his stay in the university because there have been some complaints against him.” He allegedly drew a salary of Rs 6.6 lakh from the University in the six months of his deputation.

However, Sinha claims that as per the deputation rules, he was not supposed to take classes. He also asserted that he had fulfilled each and every condition of the deputation and spent enough time in the university including visiting the Bhopal campus. He went on to claim, “As per rules I had to spend at least six hours on campus in a month and I did that.”

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