RSS leader says Pak to be part of India after 2025

Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar on Saturday has asserted that Pakistan would be a part of India after 2025. Addressing at a meeting organised by the Maharashtra chapter of the Forum for Awareness of National Security in Mumbai on “Kashmir-Way Ahead”, he recalled that there was no Pakistan before 1947. In the same way, he said that it will again be a part of Hindustan after 2025.

He said he is confident that after five to seven years, we can get a chance to buy a house or do business somewhere in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Sialkot. Referring to age-old ambition of erstwhile Bharateeya Jana Sangh for “Akhand Bharat”, he predicted that our borders will be like European Union. He said already we had ensured that Bangladesh had a government favourable to it.

Appreciating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Kashmir policy, the RSS leader said that for the first time the Indian government has taken a tough line on Kashmir issue. This is because the Army acts on political willpower, and now, the political willpower has changed. So, we have dreams of settling in Lahore and not needing permission from China to go to Mansarovar, he added.

While praising the Army, he deplored that the opposition start seeking proof and start praising Pakistna oppositing PM Modi. Claiming that Opposition leaders were themselves surprised about the stand taken by their parties post-Pulwama attack, Kumar called for laws against “traitors” so that there is “no Naseeruddin, Hamid Ansari or Navjot Sidhu”.

Indresh Kumar demanded that we need a new law for traitors wuch as this, whether they are studying in JNU or are in Maharashtra. Then there won’t be a Naseerudddin, Hamid Ansari or Sidhu, he added.

He said he could understand why China was backing Pakistan. “We knew China wanted to grab Pakistan internationally. China supported Pakistan because we won a battle against it without the gun. We removed China from Doklam. While the world knew China as unbeaten, we defeated it, which is why it is angry,” he added.

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