India lodges protest with Pak over harassment of its diplomats

India has lodged a severe protest with Pakistan against harassment of its diplomats in their country. It has mentioned four separate incidents of alleged harassment of Indian High Commission officials in Islamabad. It sought an immediate investigation into them.

Early this week, India issued a note verbale — a diplomatic communication — to the Pakistan Foreign Ministry, giving a detailed account of the incidents including aggressive tailing of the Indian naval adviser by two Pakistani personnel.

The note verbale said the naval adviser was “aggressively tailed” by two Pakistani personnel in a car while he was going to the High Commission from his home on March 15. They said two Pakistani personnel were keeping a watch outside the residence of the naval adviser during a dinner he hosted on March 14.

In a separate case, the note said another official of the mission received hoax calls while another staff of the mission was subjected to “intimidatory” behaviour by a Pakistani personnel on March 14. In the note, India asked Pakistan to carry out immediate investigation into the cases of harassment of Indian officials.

India issued a similar note verbale to the Pakistan Foreign Ministry on March 13, lodging a strong protest over several incidents of alleged harassment of Indian High Commission officials between March 8 and 11.

In the note , the Indian High Commission has sought an urgent investigation into the incidents, saying such cases of harassment are in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. India’s strong protest over the incidents came in the midst of severe strain in bilateral ties between the two neighbours.

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