Kumaraswamy worry over huge turnout at Sumalatha nomination

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumarasway is said to be shocked to know that thousands of Congress workers turned up to express their solidarity with actor-turned-politician Sumalatha Ambareesh, when she was filing nomination from Mandya Lok Sabha constituency, from where his actor son Nikhil is also contesting.

At the public meeting addressed by Sumalatha, many Congress leaders were seen on the dais, showing their support. He was particularly worry over the presence of top Kannada actors Darshan and Yash at the public meeting, announcing that they would campaign for her success. The huge turnout seen at the public meeting was said to be unprecedented one in this area for any such political gathering.

According to sources, Chief Minister expected her nomination affair would be a low-key affair. He him self had camped near-by on the previous night and directed party leaders to ensure not much public seen on this occasion. Both Congress and JDS state leaders have instructed their party leadership in the district that no one should be present with Sumalatha. But district Congress secretary Manjunath was himself present.

As Sumalatha attempting to appeal people emotionally, JDS and Congress leaders are worrying that her campaign may impact poll prospects in the entire state. So, to prevent people from all over the state to witness her public meeting, the power supply and cable connections were allegedly stalled in Mandya during her nomination.

In an emotional tone, she said “I came here as wife of Ambareesh, to live together with people of this region, who were at the heart of my husband always. I came here to serve people, but not to seek some positions. You are aware how Ambareesh resigned from the union cabinet on the issue of Kaveri waters”.

JDS MLA Narayan Goud has openly exposed his party’s impatience over the presence of two top Kannata actors with her. Asking them what business they are having in politics, he asked them to remain at their homes. Otherwise, he wanred they have to face consequences. Sumalatha became fire with threatening warning to these two young film hero’s. “Is it wrong if two sons came forward to support their mother in elections”, she asked.

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