Karnataka suspends Ola permit for six months over Bike Taxis

Popular cab aggregator OLA Cabs are unlikely to be available in Bengaluru for the next six months with the Karanataka State Transport Commissioner, today,  revoked the operating licence for a period of six months.

OLA has been found violating the Karnataka On Demand Transport Technology Aggregator Rules for reportedly running bike taxi services while only having a licence for four-wheelers. The ban would be applicable on four-wheeler taxis, autos and bikes.

The Transport Department had written to OLA, last month, to immediately stop its bike taxi services. Another bike-taxi service provider Rapido too has been ordered to stop its services.

However, the OLA was sent a strongly worded letter based on complaints by OLA, TaxiForSure and Uber (OTU) Owners and Drivers Association. OLA at that time was running the bike taxi service on a pilot basis for about a week.

“We have issued a notice to Ola to immediately stop bike-taxi services from their platform and explain why the services were introduced without bringing it to our notice”, Additional Transport Commissioner and State Transport Secretary Narendra Holkar was quoted as saying for the 19 February report.

Despite the earlier directive calling a stop to bike taxis, OLA has now been instructed to stop operating all forms of vehicles as per the latest order.

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