BJP MLA’s Sexist Rant Causes Outrage

While one side controversy is going after Bhojpuri actress and dancer Sapna Chaudhary denied Congress claims of her joining the party, a BJP’s MLA sexiest comments on her created outrage

In a video bite to a news agency, the UP BJP MLA Surendra Singh, who is notorious for making sexist comments, compared Sapna Chaudhary to former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and said that both women have the same ‘pesha‘ (profession).

The MLA said that Chaudhary belongs to the same profession as Gandhi’s back in Italy. Singh’s comments caught quite a bit of flak on social media with people calling out his sexist comment.

Addressing Rahul Gandhi, he said “You should also accept Sapna the way your father had accepted your mother”. The MLA also added that he is glad that Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had lost his faith in politicians and was now turning to “dancers” to do politics.

Singh also went a step further and said that the country will never accept a “dancer” in politics, especially when such a “charitravaan” and honest man as PM Narendra Modi was its leader.

Not stopping there, Singh went on to add that Rahul should marry Chaudhary and that of would be a happy relationship as both his wife and mother would be fromthe same “culture” and “profession”.

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