Jaitley calls Rahul Gandhi’s `minimum income’ scheme a bluff

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has dismissed Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s major electoral promise of providing `minimum income’ to over 25 crore people as a bluff. He said that Congress party has a history of using poverty and schemes for poverty alleviation for political gains.

He said that it was an economic model that used to be mocked by the world and called ‘Hindu rate of growth. He also pointed out that the Congress never had a history of fighting poverty, nor they had any legacy of providing funds to eradicate poverty. In the name of schemes, he alleged that there have been only “chhal kapat (bluff),” he said adding right from the Nehruvian era India’s growth rate was hardly 3.5 per cent.

In his blog post titled, ‘Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi Already Giving to Poor Much More Than What the Congress Promises?,’ Jaitley says, “No political party has betrayed India for more than seven decades other than the Congress Party. It gave to the people of India many slogans and very little resources to implement them.”

Starting from first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, Jaitley goes on to say that “Indiraji understood slogans better than economics.” He adds that Indira gave the slogan of ‘Garibi Hatao’ but her economics was not about generating wealth, it was about ” redistribution of poverty”.
Being a little kinder to Rajiv Gandhi, Jaitley says the former showed some interest in alleviating poverty but his government “got caught in unsavoury controversies”. He adds that the UPA Government didn’t fare any better.

Jaitley says, “This announcement is an admission of the fact that neither Indiraji nor her son and certainly not the UPA Government controlled by her descendants, was able to remove poverty. The Congress in general and the Gandhi family in particular, since ‘Garibi Hatao’ slogan was given, has ruled India for more than two-third of that period. If it has failed to even address poverty during this period, why should India believe it?”

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