BJP’s ex-minister Anant Kumar’s wife shocked for denying seat

Tejaswini, the wife of former union minister and senior BJP leader Ananta Kumar, who died last year, was shocked after knowing that the BJP has pick up Tejasvi Surya as its candidate in the high-profile Bengaluru South Lok Sabha constituency, which was represented by Anant Kumar five consecutive terms.

Even Anant Kumar was alive, he had requested the party leadership to give his seat to his wife in the next election as he was sick and since after his death the party leadership was alo almost indicated she will be their candidate. She even started her campaign even before Lok Sabha schedule was announced.

Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, 53, had been recommended for the seat that her husband, Union Minister Ananth Kumar, held till he died last year. Karnataka BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa, who had recommended her name to his party bosses, openly declaring her as BJP’s candidate. But shocking to every one the party leadership suddenly last night brought 28-year-old lawyer Tejasvi Surya.

“It is shocking to (my workers) and even to me. I have been telling myself it is important to show our maturity, that we are a party with a difference,” Tejaswini Ananth Kumar said. “I stand with the party’s decision. Let’s not start asking questions. If we have to contribute to the country then we have to work for (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi-ji.,” she added.

“(My husband) worked all these years. We always worked with the idea of nation first, party next, self-interest last. Now it is the time to show we always believed in that,” Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, a social worker and an engineer by qualification, said.

Incidentally, this is the seat also speculated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi may contest from the south.

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