PM Modi says national security is not a priority for Kashmir praties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today, deplored that national security is not a priority for parties like Congress, National Conference (NC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Jammu and Kashmir. Addressing his first election rally in the border state in Akhnoor, he accused them that they only care for power.

Blaming these partiesfor the problems that the people of the valley are facing today, Prime Minister lamented that it is because of them that Kashmiri Pandits faced so much trouble. Commenting on the language of opposition, Modi said that Pakistan applauds such voice.

“The whole country is talking in one voice and these Congress people are talking in a different voice. Do you accept this language of Congress? Of PDP? of NC? Pakistan applauds their language,” he added.

Further escalating its sharp attack on the opposition, Modi said, “What is beyond comprehension is Congress’ attitude. Is it the same Congress that Sardar Patel was a part of? Is it the same Congress that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was a part of, and fought for India’s independence,” Modi asked.

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