PM Modi confident to get complete majority, over 300 seats

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is confident that BJP will win with a complete majority with more mandate than  2014 and the NDA will form the government with over 300 seats.

In an exclusive interview to Republic Bharat news channel’s Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, he asserted that his political experience says that there will be a lot of increase as compared to the past. Previously people had some doubts over who Modi is but now they know what Modi has done for country’s security for poor and on other issues. Now they know Modi’s vision and work, he added.

He said that he is sure that this time people will strengthen BJP in even the areas where its representation was less previously. Sharpening his attack on the Congress, Modi claimed that past governments were mired in corruption over defence deals.

“In our country, defence deals have been like an ATM for previous governments. All previous Congress government have used these ATMs,” said Prime Minister Modi in his first televised interview since the launch of the BJP’s Lok Sabha campaign.

Responding to a question that another multinational company with defense interests was being pushed by the opposition, PM Modi replied that opposition party members couldn’t fathom that defence deals could happen transparently. “They can’t even imagine that defence deals can happen with transparency and honesty. And until their own interest was served, they didn’t bother about the interest of the forces,” added Modi.

He also claimed that the ‘mahagathbandhan’ is more scattered today as compared to 2014 and said, “The people of the country have made up their minds, they want a government with an absolute majority. People have seen 30 years of instability and five years of a majority government. People of India now don’t want to take the country towards instability,” he added.

“Dynasty is dangerous for a democracy. 4 generations of the same family have spoken about removing gareebi (poverty). Indira Gandhi also spoke about it, Rajiv Gandhi also spoke about it and now Rahul Gandhi is talking about it,” he said.

He also said that he will take everyone along with his government and said, “As a responsible citizen, as a responsible political Party, as a responsible PM, I will work with everyone together. Be it Congress or Mayawati or Mamata Banerjee.”

Prime Minister Modi also said that there is a focus on him because he has been an active prime minister and has worked amidst people. “Focus is on me because I’ve been an active Prime Minister and worked amidst the people. People have given me a job, I have no right to live for myself. I will live for the country, for however long they have given me. Because of this one pledge, I continue to go on”, he said.

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