U-Turn Babu promoting his son, family only: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today, hit at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chadnrababu Naidu was only promoting his son and family and was not worried about the state, he said he wanted to see the sunrise of the state. Addressing a massive election rally in Kurnool referring Naidu as “U-Turn Babu”, he alleged that when he started questioning him on how he was spending funds received from the center, he broke away from the NDA.

“When your chowkidar raised questions, the U-Turn Babu took another U-turn from Andhra’s development and broke away from the NDA. And now, the U-Turn Babu has found new friends who move on “bail-gadi”, those who are out on bail. Now he’s on such a track that Pakistan looks at him as its hero,” PM Modi added.

Asking the people to vote BJP to ensure sun-rise for the state, Modi referring to Naidu’s attempts to cultivate his minister-son as his political successor, warned that otherwise they have to suffer under `sun-rise’. He asked people to witness how several family members, close associates to their vested interests are being fielded as candidates in the ensuing elections in the state by the ruling party.

Modi said that iIn Andhra Pradesh, they say there are no scams in government schemes. Instead,  he lamented that new schemes are launched for scams only. From a new capital to the many different schemes the state has launched, the people of Andhra Pradesh know whose pockets are being lined, he added.

Giving an example he said that when the Centre launched the PM-Kisan Yojana, under which Rs 75,000 crore is distributed among farmers, including 82 lakh farmers in Andhra Pradesh, he said, “The U-Turn Babu has put his own sticker on it and has claimed it as his own.”

“For decades, the TDP and Congress have ruled Andhra for decades. The U-Turn Babu has been the chief minister for a long time. The blessings of Tungbhadra and Krishna have been on the land, but the farmers are thirsty, the reason behind this is their bad intent,” he said.

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