Jaitley says Karnataka CM protest at IT office unprecedented

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, today, took severe exception to the protest held by Congress-JDS leaders, under the leadership of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, outside the Income Tax office at Bengaluru and said it was unprecedented. He lamented that it shows that hos UPA partners are making corruption as their basic policy.

Jaitley in a Facebook post said the “disproportionality” of the reaction of the Congress and the JDS raised a needle of suspicion. “If no politician has been searched, no minister has been searched, then why the protest? The Bengaluru case is a textbook method of the UPA on 2 fronts: use government money, round trip it through contractors and beneficiaries to enrich themselves and then lip sympathy for federalism destroying it whenever the opportunity arises. This is a very transparent self-goal,” he added.

The in the post titled “The UPA makes corruption a cause”, he said that it was unprecedented that the chief minister of a state joined the street protest against income tax searches with a political motivation. The protest led by Kumaraswamy, Congress and JDS leaders protested in front of the income tax department in Bengaluru on Thursday as tax officers launched raids across Karnataka.

“…Was the minister’s nephew a PWD (public works department) contractor to whom largesses have been given – a case of nepotism? The CM and the ministers who joined the protest need to answer these questions,” Jaitley asked.

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