Naidu says PM Modi “You are not Chowkidar, you are Bakhidar”

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu today accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi “resorting to lies” without fulfilling the poll promises. He took severe exception for claiming at Kurnool election rally, last evening in Andhra Pradesh, that the center has been doing a lot for the state, but the state government is not cooperative.

Lamenting Prime Minister that  “You are not Chowkidar, you are Bakhidar”, Naidu alleged that he didn’t fulfilled the promises of special status, railway zone, metro rail, Kadapa steel plant and others for the state. “Is it not your conspiracy against AP (sic)?,”  he asked.

PM Modi in a scathing attack at the TDP chief said that Naidu had quit the NDA because he was unable to account for his administration’s spending of central funds.

Naidu hit back at the prime minister in a five-tweet Twitter tirade this morning. “Coming from the land of Mahatma Gandhi, If you had any respect for him, you would not have resorted to such lies? The whole country now knows that being in power matters the most to you,” he commented.

He yet again repeated his allegation and said the prime minister was “discriminating against Andhra Pradesh. “Do you consider Andhra Pradesh a part of India? Why this discrimination against us? Why have you shown this kind of negligence towards five-year-old Navyadhra Pradesh? Is this democracy or monarchy?” he posted on Twitter, using the hashtag #Modiisamistake.

In another tweet, without naming anybody, he claimed that PM Modi was acting in favour of a culprit with 12 criminal cases. “Mother India would have never thought that she would see a Prime Minister like you. Are you not ashamed to act in favour of the culprit who has 12 criminal cases. Why are you rolling out the red carpet for him in your office? @narendramodi #ModiIsAMistake. (sic)”

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