PM Modi assures commitment to Assam Accord and fighting infiltration at state rallies

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today, assured that his government is committed to the Assam Accord and mulling granting Schduled Tribe (ST) status to six communities in the state. Addressing an election rally in Moran of Assam, he said that once signed, the Accord will ensure deportation of all illegal immigrants who entered Assam after March 1971, irrespective of their religion.

He asserted that the Centre is trying its best to implement the Assam Accord that was suspended by the Congress. “We have made efforts to protect the people of Assam, its culture and interests. The NDA is seriously considering granting ST status to six communities — Tai Ahom, Muttock, Moran, Chutiya, Koch Rajbongshis and the tea tribes,” he added.

Lashing out at opposition Congress, he said Assam, where only 40 per cent homes had power and gas connections till several decades after independence, now has electricity and cooking fuel in almost every home.

“The way you have supported me, blessed me, it has boosted my confidence to do better work for the underprivileged, poor and the tribal population. Barring the Congress and the terrorists, everybody is happy with the BJP government,” Modi said.

Addressing the tea belt communities, Modi, who used to sell tea at a railway station in his early years, said “only a ‘chaiwala’ (tea seller) can understand the pain of fellow ‘chailwalas'”.

“The NDA government has taken initiatives to open bank accounts for tea garden workers. Lakhs of families in the tea belt have received Rs 5,000 as aid in two instalments, the government has also decided to provide free rice and two kilograms of sugar to four lakh families in the tea belt,” he said.”This ‘chaiwala’ is committed to improve the condition of the tea gardens and its people in both Assam and West Bengal,” he added.

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