Mayawati says Bhim Army chief contesting from Varanasi, a BJP conspiracy

BSP supremo Mayawati seems to be impatient over emergence of few influential dalit icons in various places of the country and alleging it was a conspiracy by BJP and some other parties to divide dalit votes. With regard to the decision of Bhim Army chief Chandrasekhar Azad to contest from Varanasi, against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in Lok Sabha polls, as independent candidate, she accused that it was a conspiracy to divide Dalit votes.


She lamented that the formation of the Bhim Army was a BJP conspiracy and it only revealed the saffron party’s anti-Dalit mindset and “despicable politics”. “With the ill-intention of dividing Dalit votes & taking advantage, the BJP has conspired to field Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar from Varanasi LS seat. This organisation was formed under BJP conspiracy & with its anti-Dalit mindset, it is now indulging in despicable politics,” Mayawati said in a tweet.


“The BJP tried hard to help Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar join the BSP as its mole but failed in its conspiracy. It is very imperative in the national interest to dislodge autocratic, despotic anti-Dalit, OBC & minorities BJP from power. Pls ensure no vote goes waste. My Appeal,” she added.


Later, in a statement, the BSP chief said, “Each and every vote of the Dalits is important to remove the arrogant, autocratic, casteist and communal BJP from power. This should not be allowed to go waste, so that one regrets in future and life does not become hell.”


Azad launched his Lok Sabha campaign with a roadshow in Varanasi on Saturday. He accused Modi of only favouring the rich and “harassing” small borrowers and poor.The Dal it leader declared at the roadshow that the countdown to Modi’s defeat had begun.

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