Senior Congress leader Sudhakar Reddy to join BJP

Congress senior leader and former AICC secretary  Ponguleti  Sudhakar Reddy today resigned to the party  and announced that he will be joining BJP.  He sent his resignation letter to AICC chief Rahul Gandhi, expressing his discontent over state of affairs in the party. He resigned from the party during the period Rahul Gandhi addressing election rallies in two Telugu states.

Accusing that party is choosing candidates in polls only on their money bags and ignoring committed party leaders, he said that it was leadership failure led to party’s debacle in Telangana assembly elections. But, he wondered that the same leadership is continue during Lok Sabha elections also.

He also took severe exception to party leadership’s attitude towards terrorism and relations with Pakistan, he recalled that as Congress workers they have been fighting against terrorism since decades. He said that he has decided to join BJP only due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s uncompromised state towards terrorism and national security.

Reddy who aspired for Khammam Lok Sabha ticket is said to be upset with the Congress after it denied ticket to him. After holding discussions with his followers, he decided to quit the party. The Congress has lost 10 of its 19 state legislators to TRS along with the party senior leaders.

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