PM Modi sees wave, confident to comeback with full majority

Prime Minister Narendra Mod said that he is sensing way in the country and he is confident that BJP will come back to power with a full majority.

With Lok Sabha elections around the corner, PM Modi said in an exclusive interview to Hindustan Times, the last five years had been “satisfactory” and “extremely good”. He said these years boosted his belief that there was no reason why India should not remain in the category of fast developing countries.

“It was a terrible situation when I joined. But my tenure as a CM helped me to remain confident and I knew that we would find ways,” he said. Speaking about the promises fulfilled that were made during 2014 campaign, he said if everything was completed, the world would come to a halt.

He is also happy with the outcome of Demonetisation. Admitting that the policy might not suit political arithmetic, it said it was done in national interest. It resulted in the recovery of Rs 1,30,000 crore, which has been taxed. Properties worth Rs 50,00 were seized. Nearly 3,38,000 shell companies have been identified and deregistered. It’s due to demonetisation that tax compliance has almost doubled, he added.

Modi said the BJP’s decision to form government in Jammu and Kashmir with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was the party’s “mahamilawat”. Speaking about the BJP-PDP alliance, he said when the 2014 general election results were announced, no one had absolute majority and BJP thought the National Conference (NC) and PDP would join hands. 

PM Modi said Mehbooba had party compulsions and wasn’t ready to take responsibility. After the government was formed, BJP wanted to conduct local elections, but Mehbooba Mufti wasn’t ready and said there would be bloodshed. The BJP left the alliance “when Mehbooba did not conduct the elections”, he said.

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