Mayawati says BJP is panic, on its way out

BSP supremo Mayawati asserted today that now BJP is panic, on its way out and grand alliance will arrive. Addressing her first join election rally along with Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav and RLD chief Ajit Singh, less than a week before voting in the first phase of Lok Sabha polls, she said that BJP will lose this election because of policies inspired by hatred especially their “chowkidar” campaign, no matter how much the choote, bade chowkidars try.

She recalled that after Independence, for a long time Congress and BJP were in power even in the Congress-ruled states, wrongful practices came to notice so they eventually lost voter base. She deplored that the Congress has failed despite ruling for so many years. “Our government, instead of giving minimum income support, will give employment to poor people”, she added..

The BSP chief reminded that Indira Gandhi too made a 20-point programme to remove poverty. But, she asked, was it effective? “We are silent workers, unlike other parties. Our party performs without making noise, we are silent workers. The Congress too has been making tall claims, haven’t they been given enough chances for decades? “, she added.

Stating that Congress was wiped out from several states, she said that the Nyay scheme is not a stable solution for removing poverty. At the same time, she said the BJP government has been misusing probe agencies.

“Even the people from backward communities are suffering. The divisive thought process of these parties is hurting these communities. At the Centre, or state level reservation issue for these communities was ignored. These communities are not benefiting from the reservation. They are being exploited. Minorities are also suffering.” Mayawati said corruption has increased at every level.

“The Congress was tainted by Bofors. BJP government is tainted by Rafale. The BJP government has been misusing probe agencies – CBI, ED – against its rivals. You don’t need to give another chance to them. The parties that have already been given enough chances In the election season, political parties use opinion polls to misguide voters. Do not get swayed,” she appealed to the voters.

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