India’s own artillery gun Dhanush inducted into army

India’s first-ever indigenously designed and developed Dhanush artillery gun system has been handed over to the Indian Army in Jabalpur. Dhanush can be employed in all types of terrains and is the first long-range artillery gun to be produced under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the defence ministry earlier said in a statement. The hitting range of Dhanush, also referred to as ‘Desi Bofors,’ is around 11 km more than the imported Bofors guns.

Dhanish towed gun system is capable of targeting at long ranges, incorporates autonomous laying features and having one of the most sophisticated suites of electronic and computing systems in the world. The tactical game-changer ‘Dhanush’ 155 mm x 45 calibre Artillery Gun system. It has an effective range of 38 kms in the plains and has advanced day and night direct firing system.

‘Dhanush’ is a unique model of synergized approach for development of a complex system involving all stakeholders, which had undertaken upgunning of 130mm gun to 155 x 45 calibre. In early 80’s India acquired Bofors to fulfill its Artillery gun demand and Bofors help India to win kargil war because enemies are on big height’s in their shelter, Bofors destroyed them in there bunker and India is able to win the Kargil war.

But due to news of corruption in deal of bofors, Indian govt decided to say to No to imported artillery guns. Meanwhile OFB took charge and decided to build a Artillery Gun by its own so that the demand of can be fulfilled. The work of Dhanush started in 2010 and in 2013 OFB come up Dhanush gun.

Dhanush is better them of bofors which currently Indian Army using. During its trials OFB found that Dhanush is performing by 20 to 25% better than bofors which is currently India’s best artillery gun till now. Army placed 114 Dhanush gun to induct as soon as possible in its fleet of Artillery . Dhanush clear the initial stage of clearance in armies test but it fails in the final stages which held in 2017. OFB working on to correct the issues which occurred in its test failure. Dhanush failed three times in its trial. That’s why OFB decided that before going again to army for trial, they itself decided to took their internal trial so that Dhanush will not fail again.

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