Rahul says BJP’s manifesto `short sighted, arrogant’

 Congress president Rahul Gandhi today pilloried the BJP Sankalp Patra, the party’s manifesto for Lok Sabha elections 2019, calling it ‘short sighted and arrogant’

“The Congress manifesto was created through discussion. The voice of over a million Indian people it is wise and powerful. The BJP Manifesto was created in a closed room. The voice of an isolated man, it is short sighted and arrogant,” Gandhi tweeted.

With days to go for the first round of seven-phase Lok Sabha polls that begins on April 11, the ruling BJP yesterday released its manifesto promising a muscular approach to national security, huge investments in rural areas, increased spending on infrastructure, and a slew of welfare programmes.

The Congress Party has dubbed  BJP’s election manifesto as a ‘Jhansa Patra’ (deception document) and a “bubble of lies”. It would have been better had the saffron party issued a “maafinama” instead, it added.

Commenting on the BJP manifesto, senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel said: “The BJP manifesto is a bunch of lies and it would have been better if they would have issued an apology letter instead.” “The difference between manifesto of BJP and Congress can be seen firstly from the cover page. Our manifesto has a crowd of people, while BJP’s has a face of just one man i.e. Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he added.

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