PM Modi sees a strong wave in favour of BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sees there is a strong wave in favour of BJP. Addressing an election rally in Silchar of southern Assam, he said the mood in the country can be guessed by the crowds in his rallies.

Asserting that the people of India have made up their mind already, he expressed confidence that the NDA will be victorious in all seats in the state. Stating that the opposition has no way out, he said these elections will decide which direction will India move.

Prime Minister said that his government is committed to bring citizenship (Amendment) Bill after consultations with all sections. He assured that it will be amended in way so as not to impact Assamese people. The recalled that the BJP manifesto also mentions that the party will try to revive the bill.

Earlier in the day, at an election rally at Kendukona in Kamprup district, Modi accused the Congress of encouraging illegal immigration into Assam with the aim of securing their votes. “Remember how people of Assam and northeast had to fight to preserve their identity. Congress conspired to create a vote bank of infiltrators to ensure that the party continues in power in Assam,” he added.

He alleged that Congress had knowingly kept the border issues with Bangladesh pending and didn’t try to solve it. In the meantime, he deplored that infiltrators kept entering India, your rights suffered and Congress kept benefitting. Modi said that if Congress had wished it could have solved border issues with Pakistan, along the border with Assam and Kashmir, after the 1971 war with the neighbouring country.

“In order to protect Assam, we took effective steps like formalizing border agreement with Bangladesh. It has helped fencing work in the border (and stopped infiltration),” he said.

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