Rahul Gandhi says Stalin is next TN Chief Minister

Congress president Rahul Gandhi today declared that DMK president M K Stalin will become Tamil Nadu’s next Chief Miniter. Addressing an election rally in Krishnagiri, about 260 kms from Chennai, he said Tamil Nadu should be ruled from Tamil Nadu and Stalin will be the Chief Minister.

Referring to the opposition parties allegations in the state that the BJP with remote controlling the AIADMK government in the state, he asserted that the state should not be ruled from Nagpur — where the RSS, the BJP’s political mentor, is headquartered. “We will not let the people of Tamil Nadu to be led by Nagpur,” he added.

According to Gandhi, when the Congress comes to power at the centre, farmers will not be jailed for non-repayment of bank loans. “It is not fair that rich businessmen are not jailed for non-repayment of bank loans while poor farmers go to jail for defaulting bank loans,” he said. He assured that after 2019, no farmer will be put in jail for non-repayment of loan.

Rahul Gandhi slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging he ran his government for 15 of his friends and he wondered why no big-ticket defaulters of bank loans like Vijay Mallya were not in jail. The Congress chief said the ones like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya, after taking bank loans, failed to return it and ran away from the country. “Not even a single one is in jail,” he added.

Gandhi said when his party is voted to power, no farmer “is going to be put in jail for not paying back his bank loan, it is not fair that the richest people do not go to jail but farmers go to jail for the same offence.” He alleged the Prime Minister gave Rs 35,0000 crore to Nirav Modi, Rs 35,000 crore to Mehul Choksi and Rs 10,000 crore to Vijay Mallya. During the last five years, Modi ran a government for 15 people and you know the names, he said.

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