PM Modi directs officials to prepare 100-day agenda

Confident Prime Minister Narendra Modi to return power in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, is seems to be focusing his attention on his governance after the polls. Though there is more than five weeks time to get poll results, he has sent an alert to officials on the proposed agenda for the new government.

He has already asked the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Niti Aayog and the Principal Scientific Adviser to prepare the agenda for the first 100 days of the next government, with a focus on double-digit GDP growth in the next five years.

Top PMO sources confirmed that in the midst of hectic election campaigning, the PM has tasked to chalk out an agenda on the scale of Swacch Bharat with sweeping economic and bureaucratic reforms.

“The focus is on freeing the key sectors — oil and gas, minerals, infrastructure and education — of red tape so that the foundation for India becoming a developed country in 2047 is laid in the coming 100 days. We believe that by removing red tape in core sectors we can easily boost the GDP growth by 2.5%,” said one of those three officials.

Following Prime Minister’s directive, these officials are locked in meetings through weekends to build the agenda which has a connect with the public and is for larger good like waste to wealth mission and enhanced health care benefits in rural areas.

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