Siddaramaiah says mood of the country is to bring in a UPA govt.

Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today predicted that the mood of the country it clearly in favour of bringing in a UPA government and to reject communal and divisive forces. He  is sure that neither the Congress nor the BJP are likely to get an absolute majority, despite claims by political leadership.

He also said that neither of the two national parties were in a position to cross the 150 mark out of 543, despite claims to the contrary by BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In Karnataka, he is sure that the Congress along with its ally JD(S) is expected to win around 20 seats out of 28 seats.

The senior Congress leader asserted that there is no Modi wave unlike in 2014 in the country. On the contrary, he said there is a growing wave of people wanting to curb divisive and communal forces. This has put full stop to the second term for the NDA.

He expressed hope that the UPA will get enough seats and will emerge as a single largest front. Naturally, other regional parties will rally around. He said that the campaign is against the BJP which is a communal party. All secular forces which were fighting each other, have come together to prevent division of votes among secular parties, he added.

He strongly denied claims that there was lack of coordination between Congress and JD(S) workers resulting from an unfair allocation of seats, he said the two parties were in perfect harmony and thecampaigning was going on satisfactorily.

He said the Congress’s narrative of the election campaign is positive unlike the BJP which is not raising issues concerning the poor people, farmers, youth and women. “Is Modi discussing these issues in the public meeting? Why he is not mentioning his achievements in the public meeting? He is talking only about surgical strikes” the Congress leader said.

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