Sushma advises Mulayam against his silence over Jaya Prada – Azam Khan tiff

Expressing concern over the political rift between Jaya Prada and Azam Khan, who are contesting each other from Rampur of Uttar Pradesh, taking ugly face, Union Minister Sushma Swaraj cautioned Samajwadi Party patriarch not to be a silent spectator.

Taking a leaf out of the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata, she advised Mulayam to not commit a mistake like ‘Bhism pitamah‘ and intervene in the ongoing tiff between Jaya Prada and Azam Khan.

This comes in view of former Uttar Pradesh Minister M Azam Khan, who is the SP-BSP candidate, reviving his now legendary battle with actor-turned-politician Jaya Prada who is the BJP candidate.

Addressing an election rally in his constituency, Khan had earlier said, “I did not open dance schools, I opened proper schools and universities.” The remark was apparently directed at Jaya Prada who is known for her dancing skills as an actor.

In another Rampur rally, Jaya Prada broke into tears and said, “I do not want to cry now. I want to laugh and I want peace. I have come here to seek your blessings.

Courting more controversy, Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan also derided BJP’s Jaya Prada (friend-turned-foe) over her ‘ambitious’ contest against him in Rampur, this Lok Sabha election. He said, “I brought her to Rampur. You are a witness that I did not allow anyone to touch her body. It took you 17 years to identify her real face but I got to know in 17 days that she wears khaki under****.”


The strong-worded attack was pointed at Jaya Prada’s shifting loyalties in politics. The actor-turned-politician has long accused Azam Khan of blocking her return to politics.

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