PM Modi flays `Naamdar’ now abusing whole backward community

Strongly refuting Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Chowkidar Chor Hian’ campaign and also his jibe over surname Modi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today, came down heavily and said that the ‘Naamdar’ has now started abusing the whole backward community.

Addressing a poll rally in Akluj of Madha Lok Sabha constituency in Maharashtra, he deplored, “The Naamdar of Congress has started abusing the whole backward community. He dubbed an entire community as a thief and when the community came out against him, he is now hiding his face.” He accused that it is being done because those are the backward communities.

“The backward communities won’t tolerate this anymore and teach a lesson to those who have been running their dynasties,” he said while warning the opposition of the consequences.

Accusing that the Congress and its allies have only one agenda – remove Modi, he said that “Wherever I go, I hear only of this thing. They are so obsessed that they abuse me over my humble origin. This has been happening with me for a long time and I have been tolerating it. Now they have started doing the same thing with the entire community. If the Dalits, Oppressed, Adivasis are being abused for their backwardness Modi is not going to tolerate it.”

While referring to the aimlessness of the opposition, Modi said, “Their Only agenda is Modi Hatao! They have no plans to raise the status of our country in the eyes of the world. They don’t have plans for upgrading the life of the common man in the country.”

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