Dynasty politics isn’t an important issue: HD Kumaraswamy

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Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has strongly refuted BJP’s criticism against dynasty politics and also getting prominence by regional parties. He asserted that dynasty politics isn’t an important issue now, country’s problems are the main issue.

Moreover, he said that only because of dynasty politics and regional politics, this country developed in several states. “We’re not bothered about criticism from BJP,” he added.

Chief Minister expressed confidence that in Karnataka, the Congress-JD(S) alliance is expected to win 10-12 seats out of 14 Lok Sabha constituencies in Karnataka which are undergoing polling today during the second phase of general elections.

“Today I request all voters to go to the polling station and cast their vote, whatever decision you will take will form the future of the country. Please put your valuable vote and don’t miss it,”  he said after casting his vote in Ramanagara.He further said that elections are crucial for protecting the interest of the farming community.

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