Keep husbands hungry if they don’t vote for NDA: Bihar CM to women

 Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar triggered controversy when he urged women to not give food to their husbands if they don’t vote for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

Addressing women in the audience at an election rally in Jhaniharpur, Nitish Kuamr said, “Ask your spouse to exercise his franchise. If he votes for the NDA candidate, feed him well. If he doesn’t, keep him hungry for the day.

Targeting the Mahagathbandhan, Kumar alleged that the only aim of RJD leaders is to loot people of Bihar. “Mahagathbandhan is attempting to rise to power by dividing society on the basis of caste and community. Their sole aim is to get power and loot the exchequer,” he added.

Jhanjharpur is among the five seats in Bihar to contest in the third phase of Lok Sabha elections 2019. In Jhanjharpur Lok Sabha constituency Janata Dal-United (JD(U)) has fielded Ram Preet Mandal,  while the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has entrusted Gulab Yadav.

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