Former Supreme Court Employee Alleges Sexual Harassment by Chief Justice Gogoi

In a shocking development, the Supreme Court today held an urgent hearing after a former woman employee accused the Chief Justice of India of sexual misconduct. A special bench comprising Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Sanjiv Khanna was set up by Chief Justice Gogoi to hear the case.

During the course of the hearing, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi spoke his heart out in the court room and said that the judiciary is under tremendous threat today.  “I don’t want to stoop so low as to answer these charges,” he added. He deplored that an attempt is being made to undermine the independence of the judiciary by levelling allegations of sexual harassment against the Chief Justice of India.

“Allegations are being hurled against me because I am hearing a sensitive case next week. I will not give in. I have seven months of service left to hear and decide the cases as they have to be done,” he asserted.

Accusing that there are forces that are trying to destabilise the judiciary, he said that there are bigger forces behind these allegations hurled at him. While rebutting the allegations of sexual harassment by a former woman employee, he claimed that the woman who had made the allegations has a criminal background and there are two FIRs against her.

The woman worked as a former junior assistant at the home of the CJI. She was dismissed from service last year, after an incident of inappropriate behaviour was reported to the Registry.

“What troubles me is that after 20 years of service, I have a bank balance of Rs 6 lakh and Rs 40 lakh in PF. When I was a judge I had more. No one can catch me on money. They have to look for something else,” the Chief Justice said. He asserted that all employees of the Supreme Court are treated respectfully by him.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear next week the cases related to the prime minister’s biopic, a contempt of court case against Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and a case regarding the seizure of cash in Tamil Nadu.

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