Anna Hazare seeks large-scale electoral reforms

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare has stressed to the need for large-scale electoral reforms in the country to remove poll-related malpractices and to cleanse the system. The 81-year-old activist lamented that lack of awareness among voters and focus of political parties on winning the elections by hook or crook has led to degeneration of politics, and he saw no bright future for the country if the situation continued.

He deplored that political the parties’ approach of coming to power by hook or crook has resulted in criminalisation of politics. “The sanctity of Parliament and state assemblies have come under threat,” he said. He said he believed in the Constitution of India, in which there was no mention of election symbols and political parties.

The veteran Gandhian said using the sacrifices of martyrs for seeking votes was saddening. “When the trend is to do anything to come to power, such misuse is seen and voters are sleeping,” he said.He expressed sadness over not getting any response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his 32 letters written on a range of issues.

He said the appointment of Lokpal recently done by the Centre was not up to his expectations. “But, I am confident that it will put a break on corrupt practices,” Hazare added. He said he will vote on April 23, as Ahmednagar goes to polls in the third phase of Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra.”I will vote for the correct candidate or exercise the NOTA (none of the above) option,” he added.

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