Hardik Patel fears threat to life

Congress leader and Patedar Reservation struggle leader Hardik Patel is fearing threat to his life and has requested adequate police security ahead of his road show in Jamnagar, slated for today. He seems to be particularly disturbed after he was publicly slapped at an election rally two days ago and a scuffle at another a day later.

He has written a letter to the Superintendent of Police, Jamnagar, stating that he fears he might be attacked by antisocial elements during the road show. “I came to know that during this I might get attacked or my car might get attacked by some antisocial elements, which might be a death threat. So, I request you to give me sufficient police security during my presence in Jamnagar district,” the letter stated.

A scuffle had broken out at one of Patel’s public meetings in Ahmedabad district on Saturday. A video of the incident shows that the scuffle broke out moments after he began his address. Protesters can be seen breaking chairs even as Patel requested them to remain calm.

On Friday, a man slapped Patel while he was addressing a gathering at the Jan Akrosh Sabha in Surendranagar. Patel, who joined Congress recently, had to step back from contesting elections after the Gujarat High Court rejected his plea seeking a stay on his conviction in the 2015 Mehsana riots case.

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