A journalist arrested blackmailing Union Minister for Rs 2 crore

Noida police arrested a journalist last night on the charges of blackmailing Union Minister Dr Mahesh Sharma. As per reports, the journalist was demanding Rs 2 crore from the minister. The journalist claimed to have caught the minister off guard accepting a bribe and hence, was demanding a whopping sum of Rs 2 crore.

According to Gautam Budh Nagar police, they were informed at around 1.30 pm by the Union minister, telling us that a person is blackmailing him to the tune of 2 crores. The blackmailer allegedly asked him for 45 lakh by evening and the rest of the money later, else he would release a particular video to the media.

They found that a woman had been sent by the person making the demand. The woman has been arrested and the police are questioning her to ascertain further details.

The police also examined a video recording of a conversation between the journalist and Sharma, but couldn’t find anything  “objectionable”. However, a piece of paper recovered by the police did mention that Rs 45 lakh should be provided by evening and the rest of it later.

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